Make Money from Bioenergy Potential

Make Money from Bioenergy Potential
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In 2050, an estimated 130-150EJ (exajoule) of world’s energy would come from biomass with energy crops sharing 20-60% conditional to land availability. How the individuals be a part of this journey. Here are a few implications that acquired money from Bioenergy Potential and get huge results. To write and promote bioenergy is also a great opportunity with the website. So today is the time to intervention because “Timing is everything”.

What is Bioenergy

The form of renewable energy derived from living organic materials known as biomass. This can be used to produce transportation fuels, heat and electricity. The issues like fossil fuel reduction and energy security. The implementation of Bioenergy is being promoted for so many reasons, including rural development, improvement of air quality and innovation markets for agriculture supplies.

Fiery Bioenergy Potential

It is highly flexible, capable of integration and a very versatile type of energy. it generates electricity, heat, and gaseous energy carriers by means of pretreatment and conversion technology.

The replacement of fossil fuel with bioenergy leads to a reduction in emissions and mitigation of climate change.

Bioenergy is beneficial in agricultural and forestry systems for instance rather than burning residues in farm fields. These remaining residues can be used for energy generation. Thus providing farmers and foresters extra financial gains, easy access to energy. creating more jobs improving environmental and conservational benefits and safeguarding energy security.

The Bioenergy Potential is perceived as a vital part of the future energy system. Globally, it can resolve various problems related to fossil fuels regardless of global warming. The creation of fossil fuels took millions of years but in contrast biomass is a vital source of energy that is easy to grow, handle, utilize and store without the depletion of natural resources.

Low cost projects from Bioenergy Potential

Charcoal Briquettes

Briquetting is a method of improving heat value of biomass. In this process the loose biomass is densified to produce briquettes. This enhances the heating value volumetrically and easy to handle as compared to original form. In the process of carbonization the fuelwood is burnt in the limited access of air, which produces charcoal having higher energy contents than the air-dried wood. Another process is pyrolysis. Pyrolysis is a thermochemical process generally used for the conversion of biomass into bio-oil and biochar.

The production cost depends on range of cost of cellulosic plants, life span of plants and discount rates. Both fixed and variable costs on the installation, labor, interest on investment maintenance and feedstock, utilities, waste disposal, transportation. In making briquettes residues of different feedstock as the primary source of raw material. Then by the process of carbonization and pyrolysis, these residues transform into char. The char converted into briquettes by adding a Binding agent(starch).A briquetting machine helps in fast production of charcoal briquettes.


Clean burning, Energy generation, Low-cost business practice.

Charcoal briquettes
Charcoal Briquettes


The liquid fuel obtained from the fermentation & Distillation of different types of biomass known as Biofuels. Biofuels include vegetable oil, biodiesel, and ethanol. These fuels can be generated at small scale by process of fermentation. The fermentation required little inventory and after a Distillation tube for distillation. Biofuels at small scale is the best entrepreneur practice nowadays.

The sustainability and energy security have put forward the need for alternative energy resources. The biofuel can be produce from no. of available feedstock. There are several pretreatments methods through chemical, biologically and physical methods. The best practice is to seek attention towards the usage and make readily availability of second–generation feedstocks. In this scenario, crop residues are the most highly relevant source of energy. By using catalysts can give better results. As it shows cost-effectiveness in new techniques to convert biomass into biofuel.


used for burning, use as fuel in transportation, for medical and beverage uses.



Pellets are formed by compressing wood particles into a particular shape. These are already being used in many countries of the world. In many countries, these are used in boilers for energy generation. They are getting popularity due to their easy handling and low cost. These pellets burnt very efficiently because of their low moisture and ash contents. There are many aspects of its environmentally friendly attribution as sawdust is used in pellets production which is a waste management practice. From large scale boilers to small household stoves these pellets are used.

The market place of pellets having tremendous potential as in North America 80 pellets mills are producing 1 million tons of pellets per Anum. In India and Europe the pellets are used in cogeneration where steam is generated to run the turbines to generate electricity and heating offices and home.


space heating, used in boilers for energy generation, easy to handle & transport.



The Biogas consists of methane and carbon dioxide. Mainly produced from raw materials such as agricultural residues, animal manure, sewage, green or food waste. The extracted gas used in a gas engine to convert the energy into electricity and heat. This is the cheapest way to convert biogas into bioenergy. The best practice is to the construction of digester. There are several other techniques to produce biogas. This method is very handy and easy to control all without any keen practice skills and operational expertise. The digester of 6×6 ft can produce 1kg of biogas daily. The estimated feed is 40kg for each day with 60-40% manure and water respectively. It is assumed that Biogas electricity has a share is about 20% in total biopower production and 4-5 % in global heat generation worldwide.

Biogas plant
Biogas plant


So with this design of plants, one can start a business of making biogas plants in rural commodities and cattle farm-houses for proper usage of animal manure in spite by thrown into open spaces as waste.


All these Business practices are better and sustainable. The energy derived from biomass or other organic resources seems to be difficult but in reality it’s very easy to build and develop with small capital. By adopting these practices one can make their environment as well as economy better. For those who want to start or work as an entrepreneur, these simple techniques and areas to be focused are the best futuristic ideas.

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