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How to make Biochar

How to make Biochar

Introduction A mature living tree may take in more than 48 pounds of carbon dioxide in a single year. 20 litres of biochar may be captured in a single Burlap bag. This show much biochar is overall important & more is how to make biochar. In addition to lowering the quantity of carbon released into …

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Business Energy Rates

Ways to Minimize Business Energy Rates

Introduction: Energy consumption is caused by real economic growth. This is productive energy consumption and can produce added value in economic activity. There is also a significant relationship between energy consumption rates and National GDP. Energy utilization by all sectors includes the consumption of primary, secondary, and tertiary industrial sectors and household industries also. Electricity/Energy …

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Bioenergy Advantages & Disadvantages

Energy to Bioenergy Advantages & Disadvantages

Introduction Energy is the basic requirement of development, and it is also needed by the existence in almost every aspect of society in the world. As presently the utilization of conventional energy sources can yield a series of problems because of their non-renewable nature. Unfortunately, the world energy consumption depends heavily (80%) upon fossil fuels. …

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Expedition of Biomass energy

A Case Study of the Expedition of Biomass Energy

The Expedition of biomass energy such as composite briquettes of sawdust becomes a good source of renewable energy for household cooking. This product contains so many benefits. A broad biomass range includes wood waste from forest-based industries crop residues food and paper industries residue municipal solid waste. it can be utilized indifferent energy types such …

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