The Route to Solar Energy

Route to Solar energy
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Sun is an inexhaustible source of energy capable of fulfilling all the energy needs of humankind. The sun provides 1.7 x 1022 J of energy in 1.5 days. This energy is equal to all the energy that can be supplied by 3 trillion barrels of total oil resources found on Earth. The total annual energy used by humans in 1 year is 4.6 x 1020 J. This energy is supplied by the sun in 1 hour. Developing sustainable energy resources & Route to solar energy is one of the most urgent missions for human beings as increasing energy demand is in drastic conflict with limited global fossil fuels. Among the various types of sustainable energy resources, solar energy is considered to be promising due to its inexhaustible supply, universality, high capacity, and environmental friendliness.

The route to solar energy

The term “Route to solar energy” is referred to here as a way to use solar energy in both houses and business areas. By using solar energy also promote and join the many affiliate programs available worldwide. These programs also lead to awareness of renewables and also help in to earn money for a good livelihood. It is a well-known fact that the earth is in serious need of rehabilitation and steps need to be taken to address it. There are many possible directions that can be taken to remedy this and one best method is to turn to renewable energy sources. The most demanding and viable is solar energy out of all renewable energy sources. Solar affiliate programs make the most of growing demand and even though it is still in its early stages, there are already a fair amount of programs out there and it can be tricky to navigate. The author have gone through the sea of programs in the solar industry and have compiled a list of the ten best affiliate marketing programs for you. Major programs are from amazon e-commerce, and so many others.

Solar Panels

The quality of solar panels or Pv cells depends on its material & different parameters. A lot of research has been done in this area to find out the most efficient and cost‐effective material for PV cells. The requirements for ideal solar cell materials. The material used for manufacturing the solar cells should have a band gap between 1.1 and 1.7 eV. The material should have a direct band structure. readily available and nontoxic, suitable for large reproduction, good PV conversion, efficiency, and long‐term stability factor. so keeping in mind here are the best products and panels that are available solar panels, solar watches,

Solar panels
Solar Panels

Solar Lights

The cheapest solar product is solar lights. This solar product is very useful in many aspects and apart from its cost and implication is a little confusing but it is a very awesome product. These are a great way to provide lighting to a street, roadway highway, houses, or offices. As a result, this can lower installation costs, reduce the need for tons of wiring, and reduce the maintenance and project costs over the system’s life. Most important they are independent of the grid, Solving problems down the line affecting every light, such as blackouts or breaks in the underground lines. The best ever products available in solar lights are Solar Light gama. This brand also offers its affiliate marketing links.

Solar lights
Solar lights

Solar panel Chargers

These solar chargers convert sunlight into electrical energy through photovoltaic (PV) panels. These are the most important part of the solar panel used generally. There are so many types and ranges available for solar panels in which can be used according to the requirements. For best results Author recommendation is the renogy solar panel chargers.

solar charger
Solar charger

Solar string lights

Obviously, Solar string lights get energy from the sun and are so handy. Just make sure the charging panel is in a location that gets plenty of Sun, and as darkness creeps in, watch as your outdoor space comes to life with light. These solar string lights to four lighting modes and USB charging ability. Make any gathering with slow flash, quick flash, pulsating, or steady light modes, and rest easy knowing the set is waterproof and the bulbs are shatterproof. The lights can illuminate for up to 8 hours with a full charge. This awesome and great product readily available on many stores worldwide but the highly recommended String lights , Solar led string.

solar string lights
Solar String lights

Portable Solar panels

The Portable Solar panels, also known as flexible solar panels, are lightweight, thin-filmed solar cells that have light-absorbing layers approximately 350 times smaller than the standard silicon panel. Their design is a great improvement over that of their predecessors. This product helps so much in the many aspect on daily basis. so buying and trying it makes a great fun, Potable solar panels,Portable flexible solar panel.

Portable solar panel
Portable solar panel

Wireless Solar Deck lights

This is a very amazing product. The wireless Solar deck lighting is important for safety, but it also helps create a more relaxing and useful atmosphere for entertaining. few amazing facts are Ease of Installation, Solar lights are typically self-contained units that are wireless. This makes them one of the simplest lighting systems to install, particularly when it comes to adding lighting to an old deck. These don’t just come in one brightness. You can find different brightness, which are lights that use more power and therefore glow brighter. This allows you to create depth in lighting. The best-recommended product is Solar deck, Solar Deck waterproof.

Solar deck light
Solar deck light

Solar bug killer Torch

A little but a very essential part of home decor. The Bugs, mosquitoes, bees, and other insects are a pretty engaging problem in most Asian countries. The PIC Solar Insect Killer Torch offers an effective cordless solution for attracting and killing flying insects. This bug zapper’s contemporary design also provides LED flame-effect ambient lighting and can be used on a tabletop or stuck in the ground. The best usage reviews and result-orientated product solar bug killer, Solar bug zapper.

Solar bug killer
Solar bug killer

Solar Exhaust fan

A sun can work for us. let’s see how it is sustainable and beneficial in all aspects. With a solar exhaust fan, the sun works for you! Because this fan uses solar power there is no increase on your utility bill. Another benefit to reducing the strain on your air conditioner is reduced cooling costs. When an air conditioner runs all day, those costs add up and show on your electric bill. Your air conditioner won’t have to work as long and as hard to keep your house cool. Also in the winter season, They also prevent condensation in your insulation which reduces mold and mildew. To get the best product in a cheap range Solar exhaust fan,14″, Solar Attic fan.

Solar Exhaust fan
Solar Exhaust fan

Solar Fan 5W

The most incredible and useful product especially for developing countries is the Solar fan. Solar fan is a solar cooling device that runs on solar panels. These are efficient because they are powered by energy from the sun and do not require electricity. By using renewable solar technology to power the devices installed in your home, you can save energy and money while making an environmentally conscious choice. The mechanism of working is very simple, When the sun hits the solar panel connected to the fan, it will cause the blades to start running, it can be called as solar-powered fan. The high-quality fan with the most amazing reviews recommended solar fan, solar fan remote.

Solar fan
Solar fan

Solar Pathway lights

The solar pathway lights are very popular and elegant product. In spite by their immense uses and applications, these are very durable and cheap in price. There are many cases where grid power is brutal to run out along a roadway, either due to the area’s remote nature or just because the city or municipality doesn’t want the added expense. using these lights are a great way to provide the light without all the additional cost of trenching out the grid, adding the additional electrical costs, and providing a green alternative to traditional lighting. The product based on the great reviews and best among all recommended is Led pathway lights, 12 pack solar pathway lights.

solar pathway lights
Pathway lights



The future of Solar energy & The route to solar energy can be reframed in a few words”It could well be that by 2030, solar will have become the most important source of energy for electricity production in a large part of the world”. In this blog/article some of the few products of cheap price are shown or prescribed which highlight the market and usage proportions. So as soon as we understand the potential uses of solar products and market it through affiliate programs. we will be benefited the most. This plan of business is the most sustainable plan for earning money and saving the environment. So use the products and promote the Route to Solar energy worldwide.

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