The write up of Renewable Energy

The write up of Renewable Energy
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Energy is an indispensable component of daily life as well as a critically important factor and input for all industries. The aim of this Blog/article was to promote the level of knowledge in developing and underdeveloped countries regarding the different types of renewable energy sources. The methods used for obtaining energy from these sources, and the areas of use for these energy sources. To ensure sustainable development, many countries are nowadays increasingly focusing on the research & development of the environment and on finding solutions to current critical environmental problems. One of the most significant approaches that are implemented for resolving environmental problems is the promotion of the use of renewable energy sources instead of fossil fuels, and writing articles and blogs to promote the sustainable products and procedures to save our world. The write up of renewable energy is a terrific campaign or moment upon collecting write-ups from all over the globe. These shareable write-up collections will work as helping hands from all over the world to save the earth.

Write up renewable energy

Further Elaboration of Write up of renewable reveals that it is basically the ways of living and thinking have one thing in common they treated nature as an infinite resource because the world is not finite he adds these ways of thinking and living are unsustainable. To make this sustainable The idea of write-up is an individual as well as a grouped-based campaign worldwide. The collection of short or long stories written in a simple way to express. Also in this Author introduces new & easy techniques to write based on Artificial intelligence(AI).

Write up renewables
Write up renewables

How to collect write up

There are seven categories of renewable energy sources (which include solar, wind, hydroelectric, geothermal, biomass, wave, and hydrogen energy). Each category contains so much potential that had been described and need more to describe. So from any of above mentioned category, anyone can write about in their own way. it may contain Advantages, drawbacks, socio-economic resilience, sustainable development, renewable resources of their own dwellings, Climate change, environmental pollution, indoor pollution, agri-based renewable, biomass energy and so much more. The write from every country will show the unsung people’s effort to each other rather than show the world who really doesn’t care about the world.

Write Ups
Write Ups

Write up a Renewable Forum

For the purpose to collect write ups Author makes a forum where anybody can share its work or a story easily & effectively. As a forum is a meeting or medium where ideas and views on a particular issue can be exchanged. there are many active forums but in this forum we will gather stories from every part of the world whether its written wrongly or inappropriately. The main purpose of this moment or campaign is to gather information from most underdeveloped & developing countries. These data show people an easy way to implement or how renewables can transform their life. As in such countries people or even governments don’t having enough budgets or schemes for the people who really want to resolve their issues & facing the real climate change or global warming consequences.

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Latest Artificial Intelligence method

An AI(artifical intelligence) writing method automates one or more phases in the process of generating content. AI writing assistants can help with ideation, structure and even tone and style. so in this way even of less writing, skilled person can write up easily. In simple words, AI can cut the research time by summarizing large documents, so you don’t even need to wade through scientific journals or textbooks to find what you need. So from many a Wordhero is new and having updated with many latest tools and features.

AI writing
AI writing

Benefits of write up for renewables

The Great saying ” Content is the king” is now used for the debut of write up for renewable energy sources.The collection and information regarding the stories from different regions will increase the group discussions. The result will increase the untold stories to be revealed and get appreciated to people of same interests or thinking. For example Author’s own write up on bioenergy potential could give a thousand ways to earn and learn how to save the different entities of the earth.

The Expedition of biomass energy such as composite briquettes of sawdust becomes a good source of renewable energy for household cooking. This product contains so many benefits. A broad biomass range includes wood waste from forest-based industries crop residues food and paper industries residue municipal solid waste. it can be utilized in different energy types such as heat electricity combined heat& power and some other types of bioenergy. Biomass is referred to all biological matters including all kinds of substances originating from living organisms and it’s the 3rd largest energy source of the world. Since understanding the application and viability of the briquettes. The author started working five years ago. The author starts by simply making briquettes in a pot by mixing the char with starch(binding agent). Then used later these briquettes to fry an egg for breakfast. In this blog Author shares, it entire effort to show the world, especially developing countries. in this Blog/article a case study of the expedition of biomass energy short brief is discussed. By implementing more or less you will become part of the movement to fight against climate change & save the world before it’s too late. For more information checkout the A Case Study of the Expedition of Biomass Energy

Benefits of write up

Socio-Economic Aspects of write ups

Sustainability has acquired great importance due to the negative impact of various developments in the environment. The use of renewable energy sources is a fundamental factor for a possible energy policy in the future. In the majority of cities that have installed significant amounts of renewable energy over the last 20 years.Although different reviews and views are published in different research papers and books for this development. They have their own value and are highly appreciable. In fact reading articles and understanding its rationale need high qualifications and skills but the environment is not the problem of only graduate or post-graduate scholars it now become a common issue. The issues need to be addressed for the common people and by the common people. so in this regard, write-up for renewables is the easiest way to express your concerns and knowledge about preserving our environment & earth. This will enhance both social and economic awareness of the key benefits of Renewable energy resources.

Socio-Economic aspects
Socio-Economic aspects

Categories of content as write up

In the category section, any individual from any part of the world can share a story, Image, video or any type of relevant content that shows immense effort in the way to make the world sustainable. The other different type of content is Blogging. Longform Content.Case Studies.White Papers.Ebooks.Infographics.Template & Videos. The admins will monitor all the relevant content before being published on the forum.


In all the abovementioned instances, the outcomes from forum discussions and collection of write up of renewable energy will enable us to Prompt us to do elaborate environmental planning based on a really comprehensive environmental impact assessment before any large-scale renewable energy system is actually installed Prompt us in rational site selection for a renewable energy project so as to ensure maximum compatibility with the environment and minimize adverse impacts. Prompt us in making ourselves aware of the niches of various renewable energy systems; an energy generation system that is ideal for one type of use, or for a given region, need not be so in all situations. So these implication is a just a drop of rain on the sea but together we can mold this sea into a new direction that can both save us and our beautiful world.

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